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Configure XDebug on VSCode for any PHP Project

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Configure XDebug on VSCode for any PHP Project

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Follow these steps to configure XDebug in VSCode:

  • Save your project as a workspace in VSCode

  • Install PHP debugger extension in VSCode.

  • Install xdebug on your system.
  • Create a test.php and add phpinfo() inside that file.
  • Access that file into your browser. You will see your phpinfo like this

  • Select everything you see on this page and add it to xdebug wizard.
  • Follow the xdebug wizard instructions.
  • After following xdebug wizard instructions, add these two lines to your php.ini:
    xdebug.client_host = localhost
    xdebug.client_port = 9003
  • Restart Apache/Sevrver( MAMP, XAMP, WAMP )
  • Go to debugger and create a launch.json

  • Select project

  • Select PHP

  • Your json file is generated now and it will look like this

  • Listen for Xdebug.

  • Add a breakpoint where you want to debug. Click on the line number to set break point

  • Open the site in the browser and visit the page where your code executes where you added a breakpoint.
  • You will see the debugging info in debugger

That’s it !!!!

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